What would YOU do AS … CEO …


Intriguing question eh?! What will do today AS CEO …

How would you look at the projects you been meaning to get to.
What kind of veracity and intensity will YOU throw at your web pages.

AS CEO You MUST SUCCEED … because others Depend on your success!!

What you will you do!
Enjoy your day … :) you be on the right track now after meditating
on these matters and will become clear to you!


IM Graveyards: Try This!

Have you been to any internet marketing graveyards lately.

Arggh , their so tiring and suck the life out of you!
Even my simple plan on the main page saves so much time
for the weary who just want to know, What do I do!!

What do I need to to get the ball rolling.
They will drag you through so much mud and then the grisly
end. It’s up to You!!! Do something.

Then a sick feeling will come over you that you read pages and
pages of bla to come to a dead end like that.

So here today Try This to get you jump started.
If you have a blog or webpage and need to get some traffic to it.
Find similar places and then offer suggestions or some insightful ideas on
the similar site and then post a link back to your site.

This alone should get ya started down the right trail.
You can also link this traffic into your List .

That bit should get you going!

Please excuse the mess!

Been doing some house cleaning on the site. Will be adding more so
that it provides the best I can off to such fine folks!
Bravo on the comments and thanks much for the patronage.

I will try to keep up and respond to as much comments while mainly
keeping the site to provide the service in assisting folks.

Thoughts for the day.
Try as much as possible to think of what you need to do next
or what step to do. I am reformatting my site so I will set a task to
place an optin box and some series. So this too is how you must think.
Begin to disgard all the disruptive garbage in your box that will fragment
your efforts. This is how you will accomplish something!


Stop Learning and Start Doing!

Make sure you stay active in your projects and not so consumed by “learning” the newest trick of the day. For example if you do spend an hour learning something then will want to make sure you take the time to apply that technique. In this way you do not stay in a perpetual learning mode and will be motivated by your results and nothing “motivates” like waking up and finding money in you paypal or clickbank that you made while you were sleeping — and from another country!


Online Checklist:

Important Post today!

When you are actively putting together your stratigies be sure to check
“What’s Working” and “What’s Not” for your online efforts.

If you have a great site but no visitors then you have a Traffic problem!
Action: Explore all *legal* traffic solutions to fix this.

If you have a great idea but no site at all.
Action: You need to work on your technical part of your platform,
core blogging/website platform.

If you have a great site, great traffic but NO List?
— Well Than ….

How is your Sales Copy?

So in this way you can break down the whole process into manageable chunks.
Just like you would at Work!

As always Make Sure to be be yourself when creating your materials whatever
they may be as … Yawwwnnn you don’t want to bore folks!


Cheers for the holiday season!


Time to find that comfortable chair and hot cup o’ cheer.

Lets be thankful for what we have, what we have accomplished .. and how we can help others.

Quick piece of advice when building your online presence you don’t want your site to appear


Sure it’s okay to promote a service and advertise we all need to make a living but at the end of the

day if you provide all of your content solely through greedy eyes and not to genuinely serve

and help others then it will show and come out on your site.   So keep this small piece of advice

when working online and you will see the results and your work will flourish.




Money Making Tip – Luxury can be a curse ….


Today’s Money making tip to help inspire those of you needing a little extra something !

Please join me or humor while I take you on a mental journey of creativity and inspiration ….

What will you try to do today?? What project or money making idea is spinning in your head….

Do you think some knows or could do it other then you  ….

Well then if your on a big couch or some other comfortable , lofty and luxurious place then this setting

with your laptop.

could be quietly killing your creativities and inspiration.

Now  .. Lets transport your from your lofty perch with your laptop

…  To a lone Tree in a park  .. the one that you slept on eh, because you have nothing ….

Now Open up that lap top for one last chance to save yourself , your name .. your identity.

Now your writing and inspired!

“Don’t let the things around you come to own you and quietly kill your initiatives!!”

That ad you put off, that article, a PPC, new blog idea.. all these can be easily put aside when you

are quite comfy!!

Thanks for the Journey,








Welcome to Web Money!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to help you in your marketing efforts.

I promise to only post “REAL” and “EFFECTIVE” strategies to make online income on the internet.

One of the best things you CAN DO in the NOW is to use Focus in your efforts.

Pure Focus and single mindedness can make empires crumble!

If you are trying to set up a web site then get it set up.  if you are trying to make a report .. then make Make It Happen!
Take a minute to join my list so you can get the latest updates!

*********** Quick Blueprint in setting up your online money machine **************
************ This generic process can be applied to most sites **************

1. You will need to pick out some niche that folks are interested in
and related to what they want to “Buy”.

2 You will need to do some keyword research and can look up on the internet
for assistance but do not make the process a stumbling block.

3. Once you have your niche and your research then can choose a product and a domain
related to them. You will then place your content, reports etc so that some value
is acheived when your site/product is found.

4. You can monetize through affiliate programs such as amazon, adsense etc.

5. Once all the above is done then you can get some traffic to your sites and this
can be done either paid with PPC google adwords for instant traffic or by free methods
such as forum posting, article writing through go articles and ezinearticles.com
If you have a good report then can also draw attention and traffic to your site.

So there you have it a quick action plan!
Feel free to post your results and aspirations.
Don’t worry no need to reveal all the details of your Super Secret money making projects!
Also Please in all matters and endeavors you make on the web try to make them non spammy.
Your subscribers will thank you.

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Get Paid Taking Pictures

NOTE : Be careful of sites or spam like emails that heavily promote only one system or way to do things. This can be very frustrating and cause the Newbie to give up because they can’t follow the system. Most times these so called “simple system” is very complicated and hard to follow after you have paid your shilling! This is intentional and they will not want you to realize that for most activities regarding money making or site building there are multiple ways to accomplish most anything depending on what your trying to do. It will cause you to cease moving forward and jump from program to program and eventually give up. Analyze what you need today and then find or work multiple methods. For example if you find you are getting organic traffic for your niche then you can ramp up and add some paid PPC traffic and add to it!!


Taking Action:

Hello just a quick note on taking action.

We are constantly bombarded by new offers and

guru tricks everyday but need to make sure that

you are taking action of your own.

Internet Marketing or any business is built with

persistance and commitment not the latest Trick

hyped up!

Here’s action you can take today and it’s Free!

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